Unauthorized Charvet pics

This is the sartorial equivalent of stolen paparazzi shots…

When you walk into Charvet, you can’t make it 2 yards past the front door without a sales rep following you around through the rest of the store. Taking pictures for blogs is pretty much out of the question, I didn’t even bother to ask.

But for years now, I’ve been wanting to publicize to the outside world the shirting fabric wonders that lay in the 4th floor stockroom. Today, I finallly got up the courage to embark on a spy mission.

I only had time (or courage) enough to fire off four shots discreetly but, needless to say, this is but a glimpse of the treasure — there’s about five times as many more fabrics in the actual stockroom than what is featured here. Pure sartorial bliss.


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Very excited to wear my Charvet RTW shirt today, ever since I found out yesterday on SF that there is no difference whatsoever between the RTW and bespoke construction at Charvet. My most expensive RTW shirt never felt so inexpensive, when considering how much more Charvet bespoke customers are paying for the exact same craftsmanship…


Le Kimono — the best kept secret of menswear in Paris.

This hole in the wall at 74 Bd. Hausmann offers an incredible selection of quality accessories at rock bottom pricing, including Boivin ties sold for 50% less compared to more prestigious boutiques:

Ties start at 69€
Bow ties start at 55€
Gallo calf-length socks start at 34€

It’s worth noting that Boivin is also a supplier to Charvet.

Cesare Attolini
Courtot bespoke
Salvucci & Bocache bespoke

Pal Zileri
Le Kimono

Thank God for Bloggers!

Widely distributed menswear magazines (such as Monsieur, Dandy, GQ, etc.), always appear to be 100 miles behind the bloggers when it comes to serious & reliable reporting about our playground.

Proof in point (thanks to our friend the one-and-only Réginald-Jérôme de Mans), here is a list of worthy ‘Made in France’ brands that Monsieur magazine has completely overlooked in this month’s Made-in-France brand directory:

L’Artisanale du Cachemire
Le Veritable Parapluie de Cherbourg
Rosset et Gaulejac
Jacques Ferrand
Beynat et Janniaux

P.S. My criticism of menswear magazines does not extend to The Rake, which still towers above the rest. And I’m assuming those other Japanese menswear magazines are awesome, even if I have no idea what they are saying…

Cifonelli suit. Di Castri shirt. Boivin tie. Charvet braces. Altan oxfords.

Orazio Luciano La Vera Sartoria Napoletana handmade suit from Jean-Manuel Moreau Tailormail. Di Castri/Boivin tie. Courtot bespoke shirt. Charvet braces. Altan oxfords repatinated by Laurent Di Mascio.

iGents at play around the snooker table at The Travellers:

George-Henri in Solito bespoke and Charvet tie.

Laurent in Rubinacci bespoke and Sozzi tie.

paul-lux.tumblr.com in Camps de Luca bespoke and Drake’s untipped 7-fold MTO tie.

Gilles in Attolini DB and Sozzi tie.

Emmanuel in MTM tweed.

Yours truly in Canali and Boivin tie.

Paisley, PoW, stripes & houndstooth:

Caraceni bespoke PoW suit. Laco paisley tie. Charvet braces. Comptoir des Chemisiers tab collar shirt and houndstooth silk ps. John Lobb St. Crispin 2008 oxfords.

Caraceni bespoke suit. New Kingston Fashion shirt. Emmanuel Berg tie. Charvet braces. Gaziano & Girling oxfords.

Orazio Luciano La Vera Sartoria Napoletana suit by Jean-Manuel Moreau Tailormail. Truzzi shirt. Scavini madder tie. Charvet braces. Carvil oxfords.

Monthly Pyramidion lunch at Automobile Club.
Forgot to wear the club tie.
Canali suit & tie. Lucca bespoke shirt. Charvet braces. C&J oxfords. 

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Monthly Pyramidion lunch at Automobile Club.

Forgot to wear the club tie.

Canali suit & tie. Lucca bespoke shirt. Charvet braces. C&J oxfords.

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Lunch at The Traveller’s with some well-attired gents.

Camps de Luca bespoke suit. I lost nearly 20 kg. and still CdL managed to alter this suit in a way where you’d think it was originally tailored for my new suit size. I think they must’ve taken it apart completely and rebuilt it from the ground up.

Di Castri tie. Charvet braces. Swann & Oscar MTM shirt. Finsbury brogues.

Orazio Luciano La Vera Sartoria Napoletana handmade MTM suit, from Jean-Manuel Moreau Tailormail. Boggi shirt. Di Castri etamine tie. Charvet braces. Bocache & Salvucci bespoke oxfords.